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Helpful information about furniture disassembly and assembly


Many people face difficulties after purchasing some new furniture when they need to move it somewhere. First, transportation should be performed by specialists who know how to protect the surfaces and upholstery materials. Second, different sizes of the furniture items and the doorways become a common problem in the majority of cases. Next, furniture disassembly and assembly is a spider-work which requires a lot of knowledge and artisanship. Sometimes the owners even do not know that their furniture pieces are not suitable for the home-made disassembly like those ones from IKEA, especially, when they are expensive or antique. Moreover, when such a delicate work as furniture dismantling service is done by a non-professional, the result can spoil both your pleasure and property. It is much better to foresee that the reparation is usually very costly and it is wiser to address to FitMySofa. Types of furniture disassembly and assembly